Mother’s Day Rose Tea Party

Will-he Fuji

Fuji, Faery, Will-he, and the Maarnada Wonder Team were sitting in the Maarnada Dawn Light

Faery said, “I would like to have a Rose Tea Party for all of the Mothers!”
Will-he imagined it would be a wonder filled idea and the Angel’s and Fairies agreed,
so they helped Faery and Will-he put out the Granddaughter’s Rose Tea Set.

Tea Set

Faery and Will-he knew exactly what they wanted to serve at the Mother’s Rose Tea.
So they asked Fuji to help them pick a Wild Rose.
Fuji asked the Wild Rose if it would like to join them.
The Wild Rose said, “On behalf of the Flower Realm I would be delighted!”
So Fuji took the beautiful Wild Rose to Faery.

Fuji, faery with rose in hand and Will-he

They placed a Heart shaped Wild Rose Petal in each of the Cups
and an extra one on the plates of Grantie Nadina and Uncle Maarten.

Tea set with Rose petals

Then the Song Sparrow landed in Faery’s magic basket and assisted to sing the Mother’s Heart Song
at the Rose Tea…
Song Sparrow in Faery’s basket

Suddenly they were beamed onto the Maarnada Rose
Faery and Will-he on Rose

Then Faery, Will-he and all of Wonder and Nature invited Grantie Nadina and Uncle Maarten to join them
and they did!
Faery asked Grantie to pour the Rose Tea and Will-he gave Uncle Maarten a thermos to take with him
when he went to work

Later Faery, Will-he and Mable the Lizard served Tea in Uncle Maarten’s Wood Studio.
Wood Studio

And then to complete a perfect day they served Tea to their favourite Mother
and Faery modeled her Granddaughter’s dress.
in Gallery with Nadina and Group

Every day is Mother’s Day when we tell our Mothers “I Love You”
I do,
Love you,
With all my heart!

Nadine A. Stewart Schaddelee Storyteller of Maarnada

Nadina - Storyteller of Maarnada

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