Poppies of Remembrance and Peace

Poppies of Remembrance and Peace

It was May 5th 1945 that the Canadian Troops were part of the
Liberation of the Netherlands.
Soest, Maarten's family's village was included.

My father William John Workman Stewart
of the 10th Field Squadron RCE
was one of those soldiers.

Soul to Soul

We planted poppies at Maarnada
in honour of my father and all who have served.

The poppies blooming always reminds me of my father

My story was in June's Edition
of Focus On Women Magazine June 1995

Soul to Soul

Soul to Soul

Remembrance Day 200l with our
Peace Keeper nephew Jamie Pearce

Soul to Soul

'When Peace Comes'
Vancouver Island Marble
Installation by son Troy, Maarten, and nephew Jamie Pearce.

'When Peace Comes' was chosen by the Veteran's Association and
on April 16th 2005 was installed in the lobby of
The Save On Foods Memorial Centre
as a tribute to all who served.

When Peace Comes



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