On the Wellness Wheel taking time out for relationships is a priority.
For my husband Maarten and I when the Wet West Coast is at its darkest
we retreat
We Leave before the dawn

Nadina sunrise with Red dress

And while in flight we welcome the sun and arrive in time for our Maui Sunset

Maarten and Nadina feet in water

I love moments alone with my Day at the Beach Boy!
His mistress (work) was not invited.
I carve this time out for us to reconnect.

Here are some of our magic moments
Bradley’s sparkly heart hanging from light
Making our Little Heart Space ours at the Hale Pau Hana Resort
“House you go to when work is done”

Our morning walks begin in the Dawn light along the path way of parks
Returning in time to walk our beach Kameoli II for Sunrise
Nadina walking in water
We welcome the Sun with our First Peoples Blessing
as it rises above Haleakela..
“Great Spirit that comes from the East with the power of the rising sun
May there be light in our word
May there be light on the path that we walk
May we always remember the promise the gift of a new day brings
May we never forget to release any burden of sorrows and to begin again.
May we walk in Beauty”
Mahalo (Thank-you in Hawaiian)

We write a message in the sand
Happy 1st Birthday Liam

Maarten takes his daily swim about 1/4 of a mile from point to point
Maarten doning the crawl
My heart leaps as I watch my man move so easily in the water.
I walk back my feet held and massaged in the most exquisite sand as the water swirls and baptizes.
I give thanks for the return of feeling in my feet and the wonder work of Jane O’Keeffe on both of our bodies.

Maarten coming out of the water

This walk is taken many times during the day.

By choice no newspaper,internet or T.V. and few telephone calls
which allows us both time to read three books sharing reading parts to each other.

Maarten reading outside of Our Heart Space

My personal Chef inside and at the Barbeque.
Maarten preparing food
He loves cooking and I love him for loving it!

Maarten at Barbeque

Location, Location, Location.
We are on the ground floor a short walk over the lawn to twelve steps with perfect rails
that connect us to our beach.
I can be in the shade talking to Maarten while he is in the sun.

Nadina on beach

Maarten plays Botchi with new friends from Hale Pau Hana

Maarten playing Botchi

Maarten plays in the waves
Maarten riding waves
I float setting myself in the golden path of the rising sun
and saying a beautiful invocation to the Sea, Sun and Air.
Giving a prayer of gratitude.
Nadina floating
I allow my ears to fill with water and listen to the symphony
of the dolphins and humpbacks.

Maarten becomes a human hydra phone and goes deep to listen.
Maarten’s feet above water
The Humpbacks come at this time to birth their young.
We see sightings of them everyday.
Humpback Whale
The Humpback gives us a show right in front of our “Heart Place”

Brilliant Maui Sunsets are delivered every evening.
I put my Rose Lei on and Maarten joins me
A picture for my Mother Ruth remembering her birthday.


As we harmonize to ‘I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You’
And the Hawaiian Wedding Song ‘I do….I do…
Love You… Love You
With all my heart’
As the sunsets we say the Aloha Prayer of the Huna
‘Great eyeball of the Sun
Before you go down into the Sea tonight
Please take any wrong doing (worries) with you
Down in to the Sea
To be transformed
In the Spirit of Aloha
Love made visible
We have booked for the same time next year.

Brad’s heart and Lei

Nadina Storyteller of Maarnada

Nadina - Storyteller of Maarnada

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