May Eve Blessing

Love and Gratitude flow through us as we give thanks on the Maarnada Rose.

The Spirit of the Wind breathes through us as we breathe together.

May 1st 2009 is the 41st Anniversary of the day we met.

"When the Princess Met Her Prince" tells the story.

Now in present time we say thank-you to the Universe for placing us on each other's path to create a new path.

We give thanks to the Earth for holding nurturing and supporting us on this Earth Walk.

The Womb Waters of the Mother Ocean surround this point of land.

The Maar and the Nada coming together to create Maarnada.

This is a day of energetic symbolism.....dancing around the Maypole

that brings God and Goddess and the greening together.

A connection between Heaven and Earth.....Co-creative partnership.

Maarten had created the Carrara Marble Path Marker.

Our large Maple Tree gave us the Wooden Womb.

I asked Maarten if we could use them as a symbol of our creativity coming together.

The picture was taken with the camera on automatic on May Eve around the time we would have first met.

Harmony as we share a kiss on May Eve

Harmony as we share a kiss on May Eve.

The following morning the sunrises on the Maarnada Rose illuminating and blessing our Path Marker

and setting our intentions aglow.

Maarnada Rose illuminating and blessing our Path Marker

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