Dr. Sharon Bearpark - Medicine Woman

Sharon Bearpark and her Husband Bob

We met Dr. Sharon Bearpark and her husband Bob at our 1995 Maarnada Show. They purchased a beautiful bass wood dolphin sculpture called “Sweet Admiration” to mark their 10th wedding anniversary.
Sharon had trained as a medical doctor and chose to use her gifts in the area of health promotion with a focus on children’s health and healthy schools.
Late in 1995 after hiking the West Coast Trail Sharon was gifted with the book, The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron by a close friend. As I had worked with the book we decided to get together for a chat. http://www.theartistsway.com/ Click Here
Sharon knew I was on the Board of Directors at Victoria Hospice and asked me about volunteering. I suggested that she wait until we moved into our new location, but she was compelled to volunteer earlier and went to the old site where she was welcomed into the current volunteer training program.
 In the spring of 1996 I remember Sharon at the unveiling of Maarten’s sculpture ‘Courage’. As we are speaking of it, my vision eye freeze frames Sharon.
It is a picture that shows me that Sharon will be going through what the sculpture Courage represents.
Sharan and Nadina
The outer circle represents an outward cycle of life.
The break represents a traumatic change where life can't go on the way it was.
The circle takes us inward into the Courage of the Heart where the inner healing work begins.
We find our inner gifts and return to the world again to share.

In the August of 1996 after excruciating pain while out on a run together, Bob is stopped in his tracks with serious back pain. A few short weeks later Bob is diagnosed with lung cancer that has spread to his spine and results in paralysis from his chest level.
A brutal 8 weeks unfolds where Sharon and Bob together see the medical profession from the inside out.
 After weeks of medical treatment Bob is no longer able to wage a fight against the cancer that paralyzes him. Sharon has Bob moved to the same Hospice where she had been volunteering.
Sharon and Bob companion each other and she is by his side when Bob dies on the morning of Monday, November 18th 1996.
Bob and Sharon
Sharon and I have shared her journey and in February 2004 Maarten and I host her book launch at Maarnada.
‘Speaking the Truth - Grief Transforms Us” was inspired by her very personal journey and the years of daily writing she had begun when reading The Artist’s Way.
Book Cover
The very same month Sharon becomes a Medical Advocate for Maarten and I as we go through my own journey and diagnosis that would require severe brain and cervical spine surgery.
Sharon is a gifted intuitive and gave me the book inspired by a dream that Elizabeth Blackburn had had. “Gifts From the Rainbow Angels” is written and illustrated by Lynn VanBakel a friend of both Elizabeth and Sharon.
‘Gifts From the Rainbow Angels’ accompanied us to Vancouver where I had my surgery and it was the book that I requested my friends to read to me when they came to visit. 
Thank-you to Rhona and Caroline!
‘Gifts From the Rainbow Angels
There was no doubt at all that a child was returning with the brutally battered brain of the 56 year old woman called Nadine A and with her, her very own angels.
P.S. It was during my own journey that I had chosen in my heart to have Sharon walk with Maarten should I not return home.  When I told them, they both rolled their eyes at me and they are still laughing today. I just wanted to put my life in order.
Maarten and Sharon
Sharon and I continue to companion each other and our relationship grows from the depths of our hearts to the heights and balance of our well being.

We are Medicine Women on a shared path.

In 2001 after a 5 year hiatus Sharon had begun to pursue her love of running once again.  I believe the confidence and determination she gained helped her to embark on her ‘Round the World Odyssey’.
Beginning in November 2006 exactly 10 years from Bob’s passing, her journey of nearly 100,000 kms taken through 17 countries and over nine months allowed her to see firsthand the magnificence of this world and to honour the year she would turn 50.
I asked Sharon if I could share her DVD of some of the highlights that remained with her from her ‘trip of a lifetime’.
Sharon is small in stature like the pocket battle ship that her father in law had nicknamed her with, and with her courageous compassionate heart I welcome you to the gift of walking with Sharon.

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Dr. Sharon Bearpark’s Odyssey And Photographs

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