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A Hug From My Mom

"A Hug From My Mom"

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St. Nicholas came a knocking

St. Nicholas came a knocking

St. Nicholas came a knocking
And told me what to do
Give a gift to Corine Koek Maasdam
And get the wooden shoes.

So off I went with heart of glee
And listened to what he said,
"Put her at the top of the tree
For all the things she said...

She's spoken of me brilliantly
In Paper and the Koekie Jar
And now I ask you to link her up
So your world won't seem so far

So on the magic web will be
And Corine can share the scene
Of a little town named Werkendam
Where I know you have been."

So St. Nicholas's gift to you Corine
Will be before the eyes
Of those who visit Maarnada Land
And welcome each sunrise.

So Ho Ho Ho and off he goes
tell your stories from afar
And I welcome friends to visit you
With a Dutch Koekie from the Jar.


Dutch Friendship and Family Tree



Ehsida Invited The Stars Into My Heart

Ehsida Invited The Stars Into My Heart

I have a friend Renee, who many years ago came into my life as my T’ai Chi Chih instructor.
Ehsida Invited The Stars Into My Heart
Renee doing T’ai chi

As a Trainer of Fitness Leaders, with a dance and choreographer’s background my constant striving was outward
…strength, endurance, music, new moves…..

The T’ai Chi Chih appeared simple to me.  Only twenty moves.
So I asked Renee---“What comes after the twenty moves?”

In her radiant patient wisdom she quietly said, ‘You take them inside”

Even after I had become an instructor of T’ai Chi Chih,
it would be years before the seed slipped in to be nurtured
where I became one with just a couple of movements
energy flowing and coming to rest within.

Recently Renee asked me to read her daughter Ehsida’s book

“In Search of the Miraculous”

Ehsida and I have been in constant and nurturing contact through email and our websites.

Thank-you Ehsida, for delivering the breathtaking close up resonance of the stars so that I can see and feel them.

Through your images and soulful words you place the miraculous in the palm of my hand and the wonder of the child’s heart.

I invite you to the Galaxy of Ehsida via her creative and awe inspiring website.

Ehsida Invited The Stars Into My Heart

Link to Ehsida’s website.

Nadina Storyteller of Maarnada



It was a Dark and Stormy Night

It was a Dark and Stormy Night

September 5th 1978 at 30 years of age I had my first walk down the driveway
of 4635 Vantreight Drive.
My friend Karine was kind of, sort of, interested in viewing the property
and I had agreed to go with her.
However, she couldn’t make it and as I had made the appointment to view the property,
I felt obliged to go.
From the moment my feet began the walk my heart was beating as if it was magnetized
by the land.

It was a Dark and Stormy Night

November 10th 1978 was moving day for Mom, Trevor age 8 and Troy age 6.
Maarten was working at the Bakery that day.
Greaves Moving and friends Karine, Donna, Dianne and my sister Bonnie
assisted in unpacking.
It was a clear, cold, windy day and leaves were blowing through the front door
along with the furniture.
Once the furniture was in each of the girls took a room
and just unpacked our belongings wherever it felt right.
This included hanging pictures on the walls where there was picture hangers.
What an amazing team!

The girls left to be home for their children returning from school
and I picked the boys up to bring them to their new home.
By 5:30 p.m. it was dark and the wind was howling.
The boys were down stairs in their bedroom and I was upstairs in the kitchen
when the power went out!
I groped my way along to the downstairs landing calling to the boys.
Suddenly there was Trevor holding his Star Wars light saber,
Troy tucked under his arm.
It was a Dark and Stormy Night

“Mom, stay there we’re coming up”
So up came my little light carrying warriors.
Light Saber lighting the way, we got into the car and went back to our house on San Capri
where there was power.

By 7:00 p.m. Maarten was home and we all went back to see if the power was on.
Thankfully it was.

With the Remembrance Day holiday, Maarten had two days in our new home to put things in order.
We were able to walk the land and the beach.
It was a Dark and Stormy Night

After many years of boating most recently on our sailboat, Maarnada
Our family was at home on this point of land that jutted out into the sea.
It was a Dark and Stormy Night

It was a Dark and Stormy Night



Birth of My Inner Consciousness

Birth of My Inner Consciousness

Birth of My Inner Consciousness

Birth of My Inner Consciousness started when Maarten was in total conflict over making a decision to leave the family business of 28 years and devote more time to his art.
This painful choice was made for him in November of 1990 when
his heart stopped.
There he was on the floor,
dead to me and the world,
lifeless eyes staring and the last expiration of air gurgling from his throat.
And there was I, in shock, blanketed in
automatic pilot with two separate
sets of instructions.
Do I start CPR.
I started the check list,
no breathing,
adjust airway,
no pulse.
Another inner voice stronger said to me,
"Nadine, if you're bringing him back because you can't live without him
it is for selfish reasons,
you know his pain,
listen to his soul and you may call him
but do not interfere further in his journey.
It must be his choice."
So I called him, "Maarten, Maarten, Maarten."
And then in that suspended time and space that is short but feels forever, his voice, irritated, was saying,
"What are you doing? What are you doing to me?"
His heart suddenly on overdrive and he was freezing cold.
I called our friend Dr. Charles Ludgate from next door and dear Charles called the ambulances.
Maarten had seen the ambulances in one of the last of four visions he had had on dying.
The slow re-entry to life as an artist with a wide open heart began.
Pain had created some amazing art but his next evolution was through joy.

Nadine Stewart Schaddelee Storyteller
From her book ‘Inspirations From Maarnada’


The Day My Father Died

The Day My Father Died
Samhain (November Eve Halloween)
Dedicated to the Ghosts of all Generations of Ancestors and Ancestresses

My father died October 31st 1985 around 3:00 a.m. with my
Mother Ruth by his side.

I had been with my Mother and Father a few hours prior but Bill had told
me to leave.

This was a time for Ruth and Bill.

It was Ruth’s voice that called me and told me Dad had died.

Ruth greeted me in the hospital hallway and took me by the hand into
my father’s room.

“Don’t be afraid,” she said.  Ruth explained that Bill had been sleeping and stopped breathing.

As the nurses were busy, Ruth had washed and prepared Bill’s body.

This was a rite of passage given to me through my courageous Mother.

Now, she was exhausted and it was time for me to hold her and companion
our family.

The story is written in Poppies of Remembrance.

This Eve of the dead I honour those who have died and whose loving memories reside in my heart.

Most recently our nephew Bradley Maarten Jay Pearce


Halloween 2008



Healing Halo

Healing Halo

In gratitude to my niece Sheralynn Nadine
Healing Halo
Your creative art love gifts are healing and transformative
Healing Halo
I Love You
Auntie N



Star Crossed Birthday Girls

Star Crossed Birthday Girls

The Great Mystery grants us gifts in life by placing us in the same place at the same time.

On a holiday in Kaui, Hawaii on the beach many Moons ago when I was a young Mom with two boys, I met another woman of my age with two boys.

The moment was electric and as I looked into THE VERY LARGE BLUE eyes of my ANIMATED new friend Carol. I heard myself asking her.
"What is your birth date?"

SEPTEMBER 22ND ……..MY BIRTHDAY!  Our birthday!! And that began a relationship so kissed by creativity that I am almost levitating as I write!
We have celebrated many Birthdays Together
Maartina Nadine Larretta and Carol
Maartina Nadine Larretta and Carol Celebration of the Birthday Girls

Carol is gifted in many areas that complement my creative spark, she can SEW! It was like having my Mom Ruth back in a new form.

I was launching my Wellness Career and needed some four year old size dolls created for part of my Wellness Seminars and Storytelling.

Carol and I were given the gift of a couple of days together at Carol's Hilltop Home.

We began with the little girl of four who was inside of me. Carol's brilliant hands on practicality had us in her van going to a children's
department store to find and outfit what my creative vision would wear.  We found it. Pink dress with dancing shoes on the front, pink leggings and the
most adorable LA gear runners.

Carol's plan was to stuff the suit that would make the body.  She had the perfect iridescent white material to make the head and neck, that would attach
to the body.
picture of Wonder's Head

We were the little girls of four years laughing, creating,  finding just what we needed.

We used the only wig Carol had for the picture.
Nadina Wonder and Carol

It wasn't the right one but next day we were in the van going to a costume shop.  I could feel it but couldn't see it in the store.  So I asked the helpful woman owner.  We are looking for a wig like Glinda's from the Wizard of Oz.  She disappeared in to the back and returned with the biggest smile.  This just arrived and I hadn't unpacked it!!!!  The three of us were jumping with JOY!!!

Wonder would take her journey home from Seattle on the Clipper with me in a large shopping bag with her head and flowing hair sticking out the top. I thought everyone would see her and be excited by her. But no it is only those with the creativity of the child still glowing inside that can see and feel Wonder.
I love you my Birthday Girl Friend!

Carol also made Wonder's friend Willhe. 
Wonder and Willhe
They can change themselves, their names, and imaginations in the heart beat of the NOW
that is always present in the ever creative child.

Nadina Storyteller of Maarnada

Star Date December 2009



Loving Farewell

Loving Farewell



Autumnal Equinox My Birthday

Autumnal Equinox My Birthday

Excited the young child within me was up early watching the stars write Happy Birthday
Dawning Birthday attire for the Dawn I sat on the Maarten Stone Steps with Life suitcase
A birthday gift created by niece Tara Laursen

Nadina on Steps

Joy of Joy my Prince awakened in time to sing Happy Birthday at sunrise

Maarten and I

Mary granted blessings of Joy, Laughter and holding a centre of Peace for me
She was my Birthday Gift from Maarten last September


Gifts I asked for included walking the Breakwater.
A Sapphire September Blue with diamonds sparkling on the water and warmth of the sun.
 We sat on a new bench at the end and watched the Grace sail by.
Millennium Peace was my next request.

Millennium Peace

The Grace followed us home to Maarnada
At sunset on the day of Balance we celebrated my birth time of 6:57 p.m.

In my Birthday Vest

In by Birthday Vest created by Birthday Girl Carol Mast who shares the 22nd
Blessings of Balance and Beauty to all and gratitude for your Love and Friendship.
A shout out to the Santa Rosa Family who gave me my Flamingo Rose Boa and Princess Hat.
That will be tucked in my Life Suitcase to share with the youngest child woman on the Planet.

Nadine Agnes Stewart Schaddelee
Nadina Storyteller of Maarnada




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