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The Dolphin Group
Good Morning Dolphin Spirit Woman, Fancy Glass Creator, Kathy Griffiths:


As this is Lammas, the celebration of the Harvest that we have shared many times together, I wanted to give thanks for your gifts and friendship.

Beautiful Necklaces fit perfectly

You touched my heart sitting in the burgundy chair at Maarnada threading the beads to make my beautiful necklaces fit perfectly. Thanks for your creative flow in being inspired to grant my wish of a healing symbol for me.

Cleansed in sea water

You were constantly thought about as I cleansed the necklaces in sea water and then hung them in the sunlight to recharge.  I danced in my Sea Goddess necklace this morning.

I had to send you the picture of my sister Bonnie and I at Willows Beach.
Nadina and Bonnie
Notice the seaweed in my hand.  It takes me back to that little girl who loved the water and floating in the womb waters of the Great Mother.

I had a vision of how I could get to Maarnada Bay to enter the water.

Maarten is assisting one step at a time to help fulfill my heart's desire.

The Ocean calls to me.
Much Love and Grateful blessings,
Your Nadina of Maarnada

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